Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Assessment Team 

About the Program

Overview and Team Members

The Early Childhood Assessment Team (ECAT) at Beech Grove City Schools  (BGCS) provides comprehensive, educational evaluations for children ages three (3) years to five (5) years of age within the boundary of Beech Grove City Schools.

Depending on the reason for referral, children are evaluated in the areas of speech, language, social, fine and gross motor, cognitive and pre-readiness skills.  Members of the team include:

  1. a school psychologist

  2. an early childhood special education teacher

  3. a speech-language pathologist

  4. an occupational therapist

  5. a physical therapist 

  6. a nurse

Other professionals may also serve on the team as needed.

Children are typically assessed in a one-on-one setting or within the preschool classroom setting for typically two sessions that will be arranged with the parent.  During the evaluation sessions, the ECAT professionals observe and conduct formal assessments in the areas of concern. 

Current Team Members:

Amy Reeves

Sara Wetzel

Margaret Stanley

Jenni Shellhorn

Amber Stults

Shelby Gruner

Shannon Brezko

Brandee Beikman, RN, BSN

Director of Exceptional Learners

School Psychologist

Developmental Preschool Teacher

ECAT Speech-Language Pathologist

Developmental Preschool Speech-Language Pathologist

Occupational Therapist

Physical Therapist

Nursing Coordinator for Beech Grove City Schools

Please contact Mrs. Amy Reeves at 317-788-4481 to begin the evaluation process for your child.

How the Evaluation Process Works

  1. Children are evaluated by the Early Childhood Assessment Team (ECAT) from one of two sources:

    Children transitioning from First Steps early intervention services are scheduled for an evaluation prior to their third birthday.  The type of evaluation conducted will be determined based on the current services the child receives and/or any additional present concerns.  

    Upon completion of the evaluation, a case conference will be held to determine eligibility for services within the public school by the child’s third birthday.

  2. Parents/guardians may refer their child(ren) ages 3 to 5 years old (who are not attending kindergarten) for an evaluation due to concerns in the areas of speech, language, social, fine and gross motor, cognitive and/or pre-readiness skills.

Evaluation process

  • Within ten school days of the parent/guardian calling Beech Grove City Schools (BGCS) 317-788-4481 to request an evaluation, a representative from the ECAT team will contact the parent to conduct an intake meeting over the telephone.   Following, we may ask that the child participate in a brief screening assessment by an early childhood staff member to determine what type of evaluation, if any, is warranted. 

  • If an evaluation is indicated from the screening, and/or parent concern, the child will be referred to the ECAT team to begin the evaluation process.

  • Once a parent/guardian signs the permission for any type of evaluation, the evaluation must be completed and a case conference held to determine eligibility for services within 50 school days. (Unless the child was referred for evaluation by First Steps provider. Please see above.)

    The initial evaluations and case conferences are held by staff at Beech Grove City Schools or virtually.  If a child qualifies for special education services, special education services may include:
    Early childhood speech only services

Placement in a community preschool program
Placement in a developmental preschool

At Beech Grove City Schools, a full continuum of placement options is available for eligible students including developmental preschool and community preschool programs for students who require assistance in learning routines and other developmentally appropriate skills.  Students enrolled at BGCS for their special education services attend based on the student’s level of need, the goal(s) being worked on, and his/her case conference committee.

Related services such as occupational therapy and physical therapy are provided in the developmental preschool classroom, if a child is eligible. Transportation is also a related service that can be provided by Beech Grove City Schools, if a child is eligible and a Beech Grove resident.

Please contact Mrs. Amy Reeves at 317-788-4481 to begin the evaluation process for your child.

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