We believe our students need to understand WHY their education is the vehicle to their future success. We want them to see why they need to invest in themselves and their class work so that they can achieve their academic, personal, and career goals.

Out staff wants our students to always try to find out why the course work is important, how it connects, and where it could be relevant in the real world! The aim is for students to get more one-on-one time with teachers in class sizes of 15 or less, do more hands-on learning, experience creative and interactive assignments, and engage in project-based learning. Our students will explore and learn more about who they are and how to succeed socially, emotionally, and communicatively in the HRT class, while also receiving direct math and language arts instruction daily.


Smaller Class Size = More Time with Teacher
Real-world Relevant Connections
Project-Based Learning
Development of Lifelong Skills
Easier Transitions from SG-MS also MS-HS


To report an absence, please call 317-786-1447. Please leave your students name, the reason for being out, parents name and phone number.

Inclement Weather

The HEA follows the same schedule as Beech Grove High School regarding school closing and delays. In the event of a 2-hour delay, the HEA remains in session beginning at 9:45. If a student is unable to attend, parents should call in to report the absence.