Central Elementary School has quite a historical past. The settlement that was to eventually become the city of Beech Grove first established a school for their children in a building that housed a grocery store. Children from all eight grades attended school there from 1907 until 1913. The school quickly became too small so land was purchased and a new building was built. The new building was two-story with ten classrooms, an auditorium, restrooms, and a principal's office. This was the only school for the town of Beech Grove.

By 1925 several children had moved from the eighth grade into high school. The school board felt the school needed a gymnasium to promote good health habits as well as the sport of basketball. By 1929 they had also built a five-room high school north of the gym. The property now held a two-story elementary school, a gym, and a high school. This served the children very well until the 1930's when a "new concept" became popular. The new concept was called a Jr. High School which would separate grades 7 and 8 from the elementary school and the high school. A two-story 6-room building was attached to the High School to serve as the Jr. High School.

As the city grew, the school grew. A separate high school was built at a different location and the buildings took the name of Central Elementary School and housed grades 1-6. By the 1970's it was decided to demolish the old buildings and rebuild in the same location. Only the "beloved" gym was spared. (Many older citizens will tell you tales about the basketball games they played there.) A modern school was designed much like it appears today at 10th street.

Central Elementary has been through a lot of changes throughout its history, but the quality of instruction that it provides has always been "top-notch". The instructional programs at Central have been observed by visitors from many different states. Beech Grove is proud of the school, the faculty, the staff, and the curriculum. It is truly a prized historical treasure for the city of Beech Grove.