Important Guidance Links

  • Learn More Indiana - comprehensive site offering tons of info to help with college and career decisions
  • Trip to College - tons of great info about preparing for college, detailed financial aid info, and Indiana college search
  • NACAC - a wealth of info to serve students as they make choices about pursuing higher education
  • Nelnet - college info & searches, scholarships searches, test prep, financial aid info
  • CSO College Center - an online clearinghouse of college programs and admissions information serving first-generation, low-income, and minority student populations
  • CollegeView - college search, financial aid, and scholarship info
  • CollegeNet - college search, apply to colleges, financial aid & scholarship info
  • My Majors - help figuring out what major in college might suit you best
  • Wired Scholar - information about choosing, applying to, and paying for college
  • College Board - register to take the SAT, search for colleges using your own criteria, and more
  • ACT - register to take the ACT, tips on applying to and choosing a college, and more
  • Varsity Learning Tools - practice tests and problems for various subjects and standardized tests