Safer Drivers, Safer Roads.

Driver Ed Safety offers a 30-hour class course and a 6-hour, behind-the-wheel course training. Every aspect of the education provided by the CIESC Driver Education program is in compliance with the guidelines and standards defined by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. For more information and registration;

Program Goals

A major objective of the CIESC Driver Education program is to provide high-quality driver education and traffic safety programs to the largest number of Indiana Students. Our cost-effective program helps students develop defensive driving skills and behavioral patterns to maximize driver and passenger safety throughout the state of Indiana.

Goals Include:

  • Promote lifetime learning opportunities in the field of traffic safety.

  • Develop behavior patterns involving defensive driving skills.

  • Coordinate CIESC efforts with those of the other organization toward a common goal of driver/passenger risk reduction.

  • Work with all appropriate and interested parties in the united effort to maximize traffic safety.