Our Block 8 schedule allows students to pursue a heavy academic curriculum and still have time to pursue several elective interests. All students should expect to complete the state’s prescribed Core 40 to ensure that they are prepared to follow any path upon graduation. Those considering a four-year college should expect to complete all courses listed in the C40 program and extend this into the Academic Honors Diploma program. Preparing for college is a 4-year endeavor. A student establishes a record during high school that will determine whether he/she will be admitted to the college of his/her choice. Most colleges base student entrance requirements on academic rank in class, number of academic courses completed, the grades earned in these classes and ACT or SAT scores. Take these things seriously and prepare wisely.


It is the policy of BGHS that all students will be given the opportunity to develop a 4-year graduation plan. During the scheduling process (January/February), counselors will meet with each student reviewing their selection of 8 classes per semester for the next academic year. Students will review their course requests in April/May. After this opportunity to review, no schedule changes will be allowed except in the following cases:

  1. Input error

  2. Classes needed for the completion of graduation and/or the T/AHD

  3. The replacement of classes successfully completed in summer school

  4. The attainment of a failing grade (F) in a prerequisite course

  5. Academic misplacement

  6. Medical

  7. Financial Hardship

Changes to accommodate a request for a certain teacher, a request for a new class because of disinterest, or a request because a class is perceived to be too difficult WILL NOT be made. The master schedule will be developed based upon student course requests therefore schedule changes will NOT be approved. Students and parents should thoughtfully consider all aspects of a course before turning in a signed course request sheet as every effort will be made to provide students with the courses they request.