School Improvement Plan

In addition to the Beech Grove City Schools' Mission, the Board of Education has adopted two comprehensive student achievement goals.

1. 90% of our students achieve mastery of Indiana standards in Language Arts and Mathematics as measured by I-STEP+ in grades 3, 6, 8, & 10.2. 100% of our students achieve a minimum of a CORE 40 diploma before becoming eligible for graduation.
In order to accomplish these student achievement goals the Board of Education has adopted the following Corporation-Wide School Improvement Plan.

1. Offer a full-day kindergarten program to all students.
2. Maintain low core curriculum class size according to the following goal range:
    GradesGoal Range
    Kindergarten18-22 Students per Classroom
    First Grade18-22 Students per Classroom
    Second Grade23-27 Students per Classroom
    Third Grade23-27 Students per Classroom
    Fourth Grade23-27 Students per Classroom
    Fifth Grade23-27 Students per Classroom
    Sixth Grade23-27 Students per Classroom
    Seventh Grade23-27 Students per Classroom
    Eighth Grade23-27 Students per Classroom
    Ninth Grade23-27 Students per Classroom

3. Teach the core curriculum instruction program with a focus on Indiana Academic Standards.
4. Teach the core curriculum instruction program using a continuous progress philosophy of instruction.
5. Provide core curriculum teachers with collaborative team planning time for staff development and the integration of core curriculum instruction.
6. Utilize a performance accountability plan for students, teachers, and administrators.
7. Supplement the grades K –8 core curriculum instruction program with a related curriculum program that includes the following:

Elementary (K-6)

  • Applied Technology
  • Art
  • General Music
  • Physical Education

Middle School (7-8)

  • Applied Technology
  • Art
  • Health/Wellness
  • Physical Education