School Bus Rules

Beech Grove City Schools will provide buses for all students to ride. Riding the school bus is a "Privilege" and not a "Right." Misconduct while riding a school bus will result in the loss of riding privileges.

  • Observe the same conduct as expected in the classroom
  • Be courteous; no use of profane language
  • No food or drinks are to be brought on the bus
  • Keep the bus clean; pick up any mess you make
  • Always cooperate with the driver
  • No smoking, playing with matches or fire
  • Do not be destructive with school property
  • Stay in your seat while the bus is in motion
  • Keep your head, hands, and feet inside the bus at all times
  • The bus driver is authorized to assign seats, if necessary

All students in the school system who ride the bus to school, home from school or for any school activity are subject to the rules and regulations until they get off at their desired stop. (home, school or other destination) Any misbehavior which distracts the driver is a very serious hazard to the safe operation of the bus, and as such, jeopardizes the safety of all passengers.