Remedial Program Plans

The mission of Beech Grove City Schools is to develop literate and responsible students who are able to demonstrate mastery of the Indiana Academic Standards and who are effectively prepared for success.

One strategy utilized to accomplish our mission is the implementation of a “continuous progress” model of teaching where all students are challenged in a data-driven, systematic way to meet high academic standards. Continuous Progress is an educational philosophy where individual student learning follows a sequential and developmentally appropriate continuum of knowledge articulated in the Core Curriculum Standards adopted by the Board of Education.

Student achievement is assessed using both formal and informal measurements. In Kindergarten and grade 1, language arts skills are evaluated using the NWEA and mCLASS. Grades 3- 8 are given the ISTEP+ test in language arts and math, which evaluates the standards recognized by the Indiana Department of Education. In grades 2-3, the Measures of Academic Progress assessment developed by the Northwest Evaluation Association are given twice a year in reading, language usage, and math. Applied Writing Skills (Grades K-8) are evaluated a minimum of twice a year using grade specific rubrics. Teacher observations, parental input, teacher issued letter grades, completion of required courses (Grades 9- 12), and student products supplement our assessment measures.

When a student consistently achieves below an expected level of performance and basic remediation efforts fail to work, a General Education Intervention (GEI) program is implemented. A collaborative team of teachers and the principal will meet with the parents to discuss the achievement concerns and develop a GEI plan to focus on the students learning difficulties. The plan is put into writing and a copy given to the classroom teacher, to all staff who are involved with the child’s education, and the parents. The principal and classroom teacher monitor the effectiveness of the plan and modify the plan when necessary to meet the student’s learning needs. Participants in a GEI conference may also consider a referral for testing to determine if a student has a specific learning handicap.