High Ability Program Plans

Grades K-12

The mission of Beech Grove City Schools is to develop literate and responsible students who are able to demonstrate mastery of the Indiana Academic Standards and who are effectively prepared for success.

In order to accomplish our mission, a “continuous progress” model is utilized where all students are challenged in a data-driven, systematic way to reach their potential. “Continuous Progress” is an educational philosophy where individual student learning follows a sequential and developmentally appropriate continuum of knowledge articulated in the Core Curriculum Standards adopted by the Board of Education.

Student achievement for high ability students is assessed using both formal and informal measurements. In Kindergarten through grade 3, language arts and math skills are evaluated using mCLASS. In grades 4-8 language arts and math skills are evaluated using Acuity. Grades 3-8 are given the ISTEP+ test in language arts and math, which evaluates the standards recognized by the Indiana Department of Education. In grades 2-3, the Measures of Academic Progress assessment developed by the Northwest Evaluation Association are given twice a year in reading, language usage, and math. Reading ability (Grades 1-8) is evaluated using Accelerated Reader or Electronic Bookshelf. Applied Writing Skills (Grades K-8) are evaluated a minimum of twice a year using grade specific rubrics. Teacher observations, parental input, teacher issued letter grades, completion of required courses (Grades 9-12), advanced placement tests, and student products supplement our assessment measures.

Grade K-6 students demonstrating high ability in language arts and/or math will have a learning plan customized to meet their individual needs. The language arts and/or math teachers will identify appropriate learning goals that correspond to the student’s achievement and ability level. Parents will receive a copy of the plan and review it with teachers in the fall and make modifications as necessary. Students will be assigned to classes that include students with a variety of ability levels. Teachers use differentiated instruction and grouping and regrouping instructional strategies. Progress toward the learning goals will be evaluated regularly and end of the year achievement will be reviewed with parents in the spring.

Grade 7-9 high ability students are heterogeneously grouped into grade level teams. Each team organizes students into learning sub-groups using data from our various assessment measures. Each team develops a plan for grouping and re-grouping of students having high ability in the core curriculum areas (Reading/Literature, Writing, Algebra). This allows students to be challenged at their appropriate academic level. Higher level thinking skills, writing, math, and communication, as well as research skills are emphasized in the high ability groups. At the Middle School, students have the opportunity to participate in high ability classes in Language Arts, Science, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1. Ninth grade high ability students are eligible to enroll in English 9 Honors class and Algebra 2.

Grade 10-12 high ability students are eligible to enroll in Honors and Advanced Placement classes based on data from our various assessment measures, successful completion of prerequisite courses, as well as parent and teacher recommendation. English Honors classes are available at each grade level and Advanced Placement classes are offered in English, Biology, Physics, and Calculus. Students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes in English, Math, or Science may take the Advanced Placement exam for college credit.