Food Service Director's Letter

Dear Beech Grove City School Parents: Chartwells’ Directors and associates are trained on food allergy awareness and food handling procedures that minimize risks of accidental exposure to allergens. The food service team work collaboratively w/school health officials and parents to assure student safety.

It is important if a student has a special dietary need, such as a food allergy, that requires meal modification, that parents inform their school health official and provide them with a diet prescription from their health care provider on specifically what foods can’t be served and what should be substituted. This is necessary so that a comprehensive food allergy management plan can be put in place by the school health official to keep the child safe.

Chartwells once informed by the school health official of the student’s special dietary need then works closely with the school health official and parent to identify foods that are safe to eat so that the school health official and parent can approve any meal substitutions before any meals are served to the student. Part of this process will be providing the school health official and parent with recipe and ingredient information. Listed below is the District allergy guidelines, medical information, and allergy action forms. Should your child have an allergy to any food, please return the form to your school nurse. Allergy Action Plans must be signed by a medical professional.

 - Dulcie Holcomb, Food Service Director - 317-787-1258, ext. 8313