Character Education

The mission of Beech Grove City Schools, in partnership with parents and the community, is to build a culture of excellence in which all students are challenged to meet high academic standards, motivated to become life-long learners, and prepared for success in a competitive global society.

One strategy utilized to accomplish our mission is the implementation of a corporation-wide character education program. Character traits were identified based on a community survey. The program includes the integration of these character traits into our social studies core curriculum standards and a monthly focus on selected character traits that are highlighted during the school year.


  • Showing honor and respect for your country
  • Accepting the duties, rights, and responsibilities of being or becoming an American citizen
  • Acting bravely for a good reason
  • Cooperation
  • Working with others toward a common goal and respecting their opinions and unique qualities
  • Acting with fairness toward others in accordance with rules
  • Demonstrating a calmness and a willingness to wait when necessary


  • Giving something to others
  • supporting others with encouraging words and deeds
  • Honesty
  • being truthful
  • committing yourself to do what is right
  • acting in a responsible, dependable, and trustworthy manner
  • being known by others as reliable, dependable, and honest

Positive Attitude

  • trying to find the best in any situation
  • doing positive things that help others
  • being steadfast and constant toward people, groups, institutions, or ideals that are positive
  • being pleased with goals that you have accomplished
  • striving to reach your personal best
  • desiring to accomplish worthwhile goals by using your time wisely


  • displaying good manners and behaving in polite ways
  • demonstrating respect for the opinions and unique qualities of others
  • treating others and their property as they would like to be treated
  • regarding and treating yourself as a person who is worthwhile


  • taking ownership of and admitting to your own behavior
  • persisting in efforts to improve yourself or a situation, even when it would be easier to give up
  • taking positive control of your own behavior