Beech Grove Middle School Program Plan

7-8 Program

Middle school students learn basic language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies core curriculum skills articulated in the Common Core Curriculum Standards Guide adopted by the Board of Education. Character education traits are integrated into the curriculum. Students learn basic core curriculum skills in a continuous progress philosophy. They are assigned to heterogeneously grouped teams and taught within a flexible block schedule. Students are formally assessed in nine-week grading periods in each of the core and related curriculum areas. Those with high ability levels are challenged to learn core curriculum skills at their level of ability. Beech Grove Middle School follows the Beech Grove City Schools Program Plan for High Ability Students. Students with low achievement levels receive remediation articulated in the Beech Grove City Schools Program Plan for Low Achieving Students. Everyone participates daily in “LEARNING CONNECTION” activities that focus on core curriculum standards. Teachers utilize a variety of instructional strategies that include enrichment and remediation activities. Students may elect band or choir as an additional learning opportunity. Those with counseling needs are eligible for in-school counseling services and those with special education needs are eligible for in-school special education services. Middle school students are eligible to participate in interscholastic sports and co-curricular activities if academically eligible.

Assessment of Standards

Assessment data is a significant component of the middle school program. Much of the assessment is focused on performance – what students can do rather than what they know. Students are given a series of formative common assessments to determine what standards they already have mastered, they do not spend their time learning something they already know. In this situation, instruction focuses on the next standard on the continuum. If the test shows they have not mastered the standard, they receive additional instruction on that standard.

Support Services

A special education teacher is available to work with students who have special learning needs. A home school advisor is available to work with students, parents, and staff to provide assistance for attendance and behavior problems. A nursing assistant is available to work with students, parents, and staff to provide information about healthy living habits and to support students who are ill. An English as a Second Language Assistant is available to work with non-English speaking students.

Continuous Progress

Continuous Progress is an educational philosophy through which individual student learning follows a sequential and developmentally appropriate continuum of knowledge articulated in the Core Curriculum Standards adopted by the Board of Education. The continuous progress philosophy requires teachers to be cognizant of each child’s learning needs and his/her achievement. Classroom instruction is designed to challenge students to work at their most successful level in order that they may achieve their potential. Instructional strategies include teaching and re-teaching students who do not master the required standards the first time. Grouping within classrooms is flexible, short-term, and focused on meeting students’ learning needs.