Beech Grove High School Program Plan

9-12 Program

Beech Grove High School has a block eight schedule allowing students to pursue a complete academic curriculum yet still have an opportunity to explore several elective interests. All students are expected to complete as much of the Indiana Departments of Education’s prescribed Core 40 curriculum as possible. This will ensure their preparedness for several possible options upon graduation. Students considering a four-year college are expected to complete all courses listed in the Core 40 program and extend into an Academic Honors Diploma program. Beech Grove High School currently offers an array of courses that encourages and recognizes academic achievement. Students are made aware of the requirements for varying academic diplomas prior to leaving middle school. As students continue to excel in their academic endeavors, juniors and seniors are encouraged to enroll in Advanced Placement courses. These students are then eligible to take Advanced Placement Exams for potential college credit.

Ninth grade students learn basic language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies core curriculum skills articulated in the Language Arts Curriculum Standards Guide adopted by the Board of Education. Students select 4 courses per semester and are expected to earn a total of 15 credits their ninth grade year. Ninth grade students are assigned to heterogeneously grouped teams of approximately 100 students and taught within a flexible block schedule. Student teams are assigned to a corresponding team of teachers for the school year.

Assessment of Standards

Assessment data is a significant component of the high school program. Much of the assessment is focused on performance – what students can do rather than what they know. Students are given a series of formative assessments to determine what standards they already have mastered, they do not spend their time learning something they already know. In this situation, instruction focuses on the next standard on the continuum. If the test shows they have not mastered the standard, they receive additional instruction on that standard. High school students are formally assessed in nine-week grading periods in each of the core curriculum areas.

As part of Indiana’s school accountability system, End-of-Course Assessments (ECA) are designed to ensure the quality, and rigor of Core 40 courses. Aligned with Indiana’s Academic Standards, ECAs measure what students know and are able to do upon completion of targeted Core 40 courses which include Algebra I, English 10 and Biology I.

Support Services

Guidance services at Beech Grove High School include helping with college and vocational planning, selecting appropriate high school courses, coping with typical adolescent problems, and referring students and parents to professional services should they be needed. The guidance department serves students in all areas relating to the school environment. Counselors routinely meet with their students at least two times a school year. Students are encouraged to see their counselors at any time they need assistance with an academic or personal problem. A special education teacher is available to work with students who have learning handicaps. A nurse is available to work with students, parents, and staff to provide information about healthy living habits and to support students who are ill. An English as a Second Language Assistant is available to work with non-English speaking students.