Please read the attached important letter from Dr. Kaiser regarding At Home/At School Learning.

December 14, 2020


Parents/Guardians of Beech Grove City School Students:


We hope this letter finds your family safe and healthy. While 2020 has brought uncertain circumstances and difficult times, we believe 2021 is going to lead us in a positive direction.  We thank you for your confidence in and continued support of Beech Grove City Schools as a partner in your child’s growth. Even in the midst of challenges, we have provided the best possible learning environments and opportunities to our students. 


The first semester, all students/families were given the option of choosing At School Learning or At Home Learning.  Approximately 30% chose At Home Learning the first 9 weeks and 20% the second 9 weeks.  Although the At Home Learners have had the same equitable opportunities as the At School Learners, our data indicates that most students have higher success rates learning At School.  All of the following factors must be in place in order for students to learn and progress at the necessary rate to be promoted to the next grade level: daily attendance; consistent participation and engagement in multiple live learning meetings daily; technology availability; student’s academic, social, and emotional competence; student’s learning style aligned to online instruction; quiet, organized learning area; ample supplies and school materials; support opportunities; focus on school work over other responsibilities at home; and self discipline.


Beech Grove City Schools follow Marion County Health Department guidelines and protocols to ensure safe and healthy learning environments in each of our buildings.  Now that the eLearning mandate has been lifted, the following change will be enforced.


Upon the reopening of school, students that have been identified using the following criteria WILL NO LONGER HAVE THE OPTION FOR AT HOME LEARNING: 

  • low attendance rates,
  • lack of participation in class meetings,
  • lack of successful completion of work, and/or 
  • lack of learning progress.


You will receive a letter in the mail and be contacted by the building principal if your student is required to return to At School Learning.  Upon receipt of notification, your child WILL BE REQUIRED to attend school in person unless appropriate medical documentation is provided.  Failure to attend may result in home visits, police and/or CPS involvement, and ultimately, retention of your child in the same grade next year.  If you have any questions, please contact your building principal. 




Paul A. Kaiser, PhD., Superintendent