Food Delivery Changes

December 3, 2020

For Families Signed Up for Food Delivery:

After our first delivery day experiences on Tuesday, December 1, a few changes have been made to the food delivery program:

  • (1)  If you do not receive your food delivery by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, your food will be delivered the next day.  If you do not receive your food on Friday, your food will be delivered on Monday.  Please email Misti Mack, Director of Transportation, if you do not receive your meals:
  • (2)  If you have a dog, we must ask that you keep the dog inside or secured in your back yard on food delivery days.  For the safety of our staff making the food deliveries, we cannot deliver food to a home with a dog (secured or unsecured) in the front yard.
  • (3)  Our staff delivering meals will knock on your door or ring your doorbell when they leave food on your front porch/front steps.
  • (4)  We cannot guarantee a specific time of delivery, as factors such as traffic, weather, etc., may delay our deliveries.
  • (5)  Please continue to monitor our district Facebook page for information:
  • (6)  Food Deliveries will not take place during Winter Break, December 21 – January 1.