COVID-19 Notifications

Dear Parents,

Please remember: even though our district is on virtual/eLearning, it is still very important that we be notified of any positive COVID cases and exposures involving our students. This is especially important if the student is participating in any activities where they continue to be on school grounds. If you, your student, or anyone in your household test positive for COVID-19, please call the front office of your child's school and leave a message if your call is outside of school hours:  Hornet Park:  317-780-5050; Central Elementary:  317-784-4565; South Grove:  317-786-7687; Beech Grove Middle School:  317-784-6649; or Beech Grove High School:  317-786-1447.  Or, feel free to email our District Nurse/Health Coordinator, Brandee Beikman:

Thank you for your cooperation!  Stay safe and well, Hornets!