Course Load & Attendance Requirements

All students, grades 9-12, are required to attend classes the full 8 block schedule. Freshmen and Sophomores must carry eight classes for credit. Juniors and Seniors must carry a minimum of seven classes for credit. Transfer students may be scheduled with fewer classes.

MID-TERM GRADUATION: The Indiana Department of Education has stated that, if all requirements are met, a senior may graduate at the end of 7 semesters. Any Beech Grove student wishing to graduate after 7 semesters must make this known to his/her counselor when senior schedules are completed in the spring of the junior year. Arrangements will have to be made to take one semester of senior English at another site as both semesters of senior English are not available first semester.

PLEASE NOTE: We will try to be flexible in dealing with extenuating circumstances, but the only way students may be assured of the privilege of graduating at mid-term is to plan ahead and make these arrangements prior to the beginning of their senior year. Students graduating at mid-term will not be eligible for the Academic Honors Diploma.

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