Academic Opportunities

The following are programs currently offered at Beech Grove High School to encourage and recognize academic achievement.

Most are accumulative, and interested students need to be aware of the requirements beginning their freshman year. Questions concerning any of the programs should be addressed to a guidance counselor.

  • In a continuing effort to promote student achievement and seek innovative ways to motivate students to do their best, Beech Grove High School is offering students the op- portunity to graduate with distinction from any department within our high school. Each department has created its own requirements to earn this honor, and these require- ments are noted at the beginning of each department’s class list. Those who earn this distinction will receive a certificate and special recognition during the graduation ceremony.
  • The mission of BGHS RENAISSANCE is to promote and reward excellence by BGHS students. All students at our school are part of this program. Students can earn recognition and rewards in four main areas: academics, attendance, attitude and achievement.
  • Those students interested in membership in the National Honor Society the second semester of their junior year must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 for their first 5 semesters of high school. Participation in school activities is also required. Other requirements and complete explanation of the Honor Society procedure may be found in the Student Handbook.
  • Students enrolled in AP classes may take the corresponding AP exam for possible college credit. Any student who excels in a particular subject may qualify to sit for the exam in that area. Details may be obtained from the teacher of the specific course.
  • This show case is located in the main lobby just outside the auditorium. Students earning straight A’s will be honored with their pictures displayed in the show case. A list of those on the honor roll will also be featured.
  • Dual credit is earned when a student takes a high school course and receives high school credit for graduation as well as college credit to apply toward a degree. Students may take Introduction to Computer Applications I and/ or Advanced Computer Applications (two semesters) for both high school and college credit. Taking the one semester course in Computers in Design and Productions Systems and Fundamentals of Engineering (also one semester) may also receive college credit. Students may take Introduction to Microcomputers and Art Appreciation, and ALS: Foods for both high school and college credit. See the individual course descriptions for details.
  • Each department chairman presents this award to the top student within his/her department. These awards are presented during the Honors Night program in May of each school year.
  • This is a concurrent enrollment program that BGHS participates in with IUPUI. Academically strong juniors and seniors may elect to take a college level course through IUPUI and receive both high school and college credit. Students must pay the course fee at the going rate charged by IUPUI. Enrollment in this program is done by special arrangement only. See your counselor for details.

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