College Preparation Course Requirements

Our Block 8 schedule allows students to pursue a heavy academic curriculum and still have time to pursue several elective interests. All students should expect to complete the state’s prescribed Core 40 to ensure that they are prepared to follow any path upon graduation. Those considering a four year college should expect to complete all courses listed in the Core 40 program and extend this into the Academic Honors Diploma program. These programs emphasize English, math, science, social stud- ies and world languages that comprise the academic core colleges expect prospective students to have completed prior to admission to their institutions.

Preparing for college is a four year endeavor. A student establishes a record during high school that will determine whether he/she will be admitted to the college of his/her choice. Most colleges base student entrance requirements on academic rank in class, number of academic courses completed, the grades earned in these classes and ACT or SAT scores. Take these things seriously and prepare wisely.


Athletes who have the opportunity to participate on the college level in a Division I or II school must meet certain requirements in high school to be able to accept an athletic scholarship and compete as a college freshman. The requirement must be verifiedby applying on line to the NCAA Eligibility Center at Students must also request that their transcripts be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center through their accounts on The basic requirements are as follows: a minimum 2.0 GPA in required core courses. There is also a minimum SAT or ACT score requirement scaled to your GPA. This is just an overview; please consult with your counselor for specific details.

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