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On Monday, October 17, 2011 the Beech Grove City Schools’ Board of Education approved a balanced calendar for the 2012-2013 school year. After careful review of all calendar options, survey collections, and creating a Beech Grove City Schools’ Calendar Team, the vote was unanimous to go forward next school year with the new balanced calendar system.

Dr. Paul Kaiser, Superintendent of Beech Grove City Schools, is thrilled with the Board’s decision. “Research is very clear that having two and a half months off during the summer creates a learning loss for our students. We believe that a more evenly distributed calendar of instruction will target the “brain drain” phenomena that can happen when students are out of school for the more traditional length of summer vacation,” states Dr Kaiser. According to the Beech Grove Calendar Team, the balanced calendar option will still allow for a good deal of time for summer vacations and family time.

Our goal is to balance the learning opportunities for students throughout the year so that students have the opportunity to stay engaged all year long. Balanced calendars have the potential for improving student achievement, behavior, and attendance, which is always the main goal of Beech Grove City Schools.

It is important to note that the number of days students are required to attend school does not change with the new balanced calendar. Students will attend school for the required 180 days and will have two-week inter-sessions in October, December, and April. During the months of October and April Beech Grove City Schools will provide remediation and enrichment opportunities during the first week. The second week of the intersession can be used as a week of “vacation” time. If desired, parents can choose to have the entire two weeks off for “vacation.” The winter intercession break in December will provide two weeks of “vacation” during the holiday season as we have traditionally scheduled in the past.

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